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Your Mistress !

I am an african goddess,big,bold and beautiful,i know and believe in true women supremacy,i have been in this life style for 10 years plus,i know how its done and i will show you how, the true african way.

I am a pro.dom and seek a 24/7 slave for total ownership to be my slave/ property/husband....if favoured!

You do not need to know what am into as that is for the top to know and the bottom to find out!....however, i do not do blood,scat and children,which to me includes under 21s.

I am a financial dominatrix among other things,so be ready to hand over control of your body,soul,spirit,mind,will and purse strings!

I will take no bullshit from no bullshit...you are nothing but slime and will be treated as such!

No consideration shall be given to you,if you are a wannabe,if you are not slave enough to serve me!you are nothing but undershoe dirt! BUT...if you know your place as a true slave and know how to worship,pamper,love,care and serve a true african princess,then you shall be given a chance to serve me and prove your stewardship! be sure to consider it an honour that i have given you the prevellege to come into my presence.......slut!

you have my permission to contact me!

Listing Site Updates

Under one of these subheadings, it's a good idea to list recent updates to my site so that visitors, especially return visitors, can check out the new stuff first. For example, I could list the date and a brief description of the update.

I could also list updated news about my site's topic. For example, if my site were about a particular sport, I'd could discuss the outcome of a recent competition.

Notifying Visitors of Site Enhancements

Another idea for my home page's text is notifying visitors about the enhancements I put on my site. For example, I want visitors to sign my guestbook or fill out my survey Form E-mailer to answer questions about my site, my business, or my site's topic.

Getting Rich Quick--From My Site!

I might not want a large amount of text on my home page if I want to guide visitors toward my other pages. Instead of text, I can add others' buttons to this first page, and I'll be rewarded for people who click on the buttons. For example, if a visitor signs up for a Visa using the NextCard button on my site, I earn at least $20!

Behind the Scenes of My Home Page

Even if I don't put much text on my home page, it's a good idea to include hidden tools that will help me promote my site, so people other than my friends and family actually see it. For example, I could add meta tags, which are hidden codes that allow search engines to find my site. I could also install stats and a counter so I know how many people are visiting. If not many are visiting, submitting my site to search engines will guide more traffic to my site.